Chris Shafer

Mortgage Banker

NMLS# 362960

Getting To Know Chris

Chris Shafer serves as a Mortgage Banker with LeaderOne Financial Corporation in O'Fallon, Illinois. LeaderOne was established in 1992 and funds over $1.5 Billion annually in residential real estate purchase and refinance home loans.

Chris has been in residential lending for over 20 years. A home loan is one of the most significant financial endeavors most of us will undertake. Chris’ background in management and sales has well prepared him to offer expertise over a wide range of home loan products. Whether it’s your first home loan or a subsequent home loan, helping you navigate smoothly through the process is Chris’ first priority.

His goal is to always paint a clear picture of what to expect and communicate clearly and promptly throughout the process, especially when problem-solving is required. He truly enjoys the rewarding experience of meeting people and helping them realize their financial and home ownership dreams.

Please consider Chris your personal home financing resource.

Our Mission Is A Better Mortgage Experience

LeaderOne’s mission and commitment to you is dedicated to facilitating the dream of homeownership by providing you with Five-Star Service.

We believe in earning your trust by communicating to you the information you need to know, when you need to know it and by offering the right mortgage for your unique financial picture at a competitive and fair price.

Who Is LeaderOne Financial?

LeaderOne Financial Corporation is a revolution in mortgage banking. We are committed to our values of Service, Empowerment, and Accountability.

Our ownership model combines the best of both worlds; a commitment to individual empowerment with the backing of a solid, experienced, and committed team. Our customer experience is a function of our employee experience. Together, we truly can achieve more. Our belief in employee engagement doesn’t have a finish line.

A Culture Of Service, Accountability And Empowerment

We treat our customers with the same courtesy, professionalism and support with which we treat each other.


  • Service begins with how we interact internally
  • We seek out ways to make each other look good
  • We give each other the benefit of the doubt
  • We show our appreciation


  • We are all leaders
  • Everyone on the team is a ‘decision-maker’
  • We are not afraid of failure, we are concerned about inaction
  • We are proactive – we Fail Forward
  • We seek out feedback and ideas
  • We ask what we can do to help
  • We are committed to employee development
  • At the end of the day, we all have the same job description


  • We hold each other accountable for positivity
  • We look for ways to do more with less
  • We own our mistakes, and learn from them
  • It’s nobody’s fault, and it’s everyone’s responsibility

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Chris Shafer

Mortgage Banker

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